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White Rats

Effect on behaviour and growth of the White Rat after exposure to CDT radiation

P. LeRuz and G. Colin.
Centre des Technologies Nouvelles Ouest, Z.I. La Richardière - BP 43 - 35530, Noyal sur Vilaine, France.

Presented at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS),
Salt Lake City, Utah, June 23-27, 1991

Published in the Proceedings of BEMS 13th Annual Meeting, p. 34


Effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation emitted by VDTs was tested on newborn white rats from the Wistar stock. The animals were exposed in plexiglass cages positioned longitudinally 60cm (24") away from the center of a VDT. The exposure took place from the day of birth and during the following 15 days. Behavioral and electric shock tests were performed when the animals reached adulthood, The exposed animals of both sexes showed a significant reduction in body mass when compared with controls. The behavioural test showed no effect on defecation, rearing, and grooming, but the number of mictions was significantly higher among the exposed group than in the control group. An electric shock was used to test reaction to pain; and among the treated animals the threshold to excitement was significantly increased in the experimental group. The locomotor activity, however, was reduced in the experimental animals. The motivity of the treated animals was lower. Globally, the results obtained from their behavioral tests suggested precocial disturbance in maturation of the hypothalamus with biological effects correlated with an intensity window of about 30 and 50V/m. Finally, the efficiency of a protective device was tested on the rats. The animals exposed to the VDT with the protective device did not show any significant differences in the parameters tested when compared with controls.
This research was partially sponsored by A_Nox/S.E.I.C., Geneva, Switzerland.

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