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Human Spermatogenesis

Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by Video display Terminals on Human Spermatogenesis
M.O. North, A.M. Laverdure, J. Surbeck, and J. Tritto

Presented at the 20th Annual International Conference of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) - EMB (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)
Hong Kong SAR (China), October 29 - November 1, 1998

Published in the Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference of the IEEE-EMBS, 1998, pp. 3277-3280. ècopy; 1998 IEEE


We studied a possible action of the radiation emitted by a video display terminal (VDT) on human spermatogenesis. Explants were originated from a 35-year old patient who presented a left varicocele (grade 4). Biopsies were taken off in the two organs and divided in several parts. Except for one untreated control, the other smaples were cultivated for 24 hours: one sample (non-exposed) was simply cultivated without any particular treatment and the other two were exposed at 50 cm in front of a computer equipped with an experimental system in order to test its efficacy in ensuring an efficient protection against the radiation (exposed and exposed/protected).

On all samples, histopathologic and meiotic studies were done. The results demonstrate a noxious effect of the pulsed electromagnetic radiation (PEMR) on human spermatogenesis. This effect causes a disorganization of the seminiferous tubules, a decrease in spermatide numbers, an increase in apoptotic cells and in pycnotic cells, as well as a typical toxic meiotic impairment (asynapsis, chromosome breakdowns, synaptonemal complex fragmentation, abnormal sex-vesicle). This toxic effect was more pronounced in the varicocele-weakened testis. In the two cases, normal and brittleness testis, presence of the experimental system ensures an efficient protection against the noxious effect of the PEMR.

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