Physiological and Neuro-Physiological Effects of the Cathodic Screens Radiations in Workers and Children
Surbeck, J., North, M.O., Laverdure, A.M., and Tritto G.

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- Urology Service, Saint Louis Hospital, rue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris, France. gtritto@magic.fr

Presented at the IIIrd Symposium on Medical Physics
Wisla (Poland), 16-18 November 2000

Published in the Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering, Vol. 6, 2000, Suppl. 1, p. s66 (FO11)


Since several years, noxious effects exerted by Cathode Ray Tubes Screens (CRTs) are debated. In adults, adrenaline excretion disturbance, miscarriages and neuro-psychological problems have been shown. In young children, decrease of memorization, concentration capacity and school results quality, increase of their insubordination and aggressivity have been reported. Considering the world-wide proliferation of the computers and TV-CRTs, further experiments and a possibility to protect the users with the EMF-Bioshield® device were tested.

A 120 voluntary workers cohort was divided in 4 clusters, exposed for 4hrs: unexposed, exposed without protection, exposed with protection-placebo, exposed with active protection. Human testicular biopsies were cultivated for 24hrs in thermostated incubators according to the same strict protocol. “Low radiation” MPRII-TCO95 screens were used and their electric (13 V/M) and magnetic (50 nT) fields, identical in all cases, were measured with a METEX 3800. In workers, an increase of tiredness, aggressivity and musculo-skeletal pains, a decrease of immunity and productive capacity were observed. Biopsies culture in vitro showed mitotic and meiosis disturbances, degenerating aspects of the cells, increasing apoptosis, None such disturbances appeared in front of the EMF-Bioshield® protected screen.

Our results demonstrate that the radiations emitted by the cathodic screen induced biological, physiological and neuro-psychological disturbances in users, an inadaptation of the actual measuring devices and the possibility to eliminate all noxious CRTs effect with the tested EMF-Bioshield® device. However, exact causes of the observed disturbances have to be determined.

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