Development, Growth, Behaviour and Differentiation of Living Materials Exposed in Front of a Cathodic Ray Tube Screen (CRT): In Vivo and In Vitro Study
Laverdure, A.M., North, M.O., Tritto G. and Surbeck, J.,

- CIST/ICOH Member, A_Nox Technology Laboratory, 41-43 rue de Neuilly, 75012 Paris, France. alaverdure@aol.com
- CNRS, UMR 147, Institut Curie, 24 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France.madile@aol.com
- Urology Service, Saint Louis Hospital, rue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris, France.gtritto@magic.fr
- CIST/ICOH Member, S.E.I.C. sa, 3 rue du Léman, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland. e-mail: surbeck@pingnet.ch

Presented at the IIIrd Symposium on Medical Physics
Wisla (Poland), 16-18 November 2000

Published in the Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering, Vol. 6, 2000, Suppl. 1, p. s65 (FO10)


A large spectrum of radiations are emitted by Cathodic Ray Tubes Screens (CRTs) equipping personal computers and televisions. Preliminary results obtained in Algae and Daphnia pointed out a possible action of these radiations on living beings. Further experiments have been conducted and efficiency of the EMF-Bioshield® protecting device tested.

Living materials were exposed at 50 cm in front of a CRT with respect of their breeding conditions. Control values were obtained in front of a blank switchedoff screen. Biological models were divided in 4 clusters: unexposed, exposed without protection, exposed with protection-placebo, exposed with “active” protection. Measured with a METEX 3800 apparatus, electric (13 V/M) and magnetic (50 nT) fields were identical in all cases. with and without EMF-Bioshield®. Development disturbances: + 125% mortality in Drosophila, +60% malformations in chick embryos have been demonstrated. In rats exposed during their neonative period, irreversible behavioural disorders, deficiency in body weight and infertility appeared. In all cases, efficiency of the EMF-Bioshield® device, eliminating all these disturbances, has been clearly demonstrated..

These results demonstrate the negative action of the CRT screen radiations on all exposed living beings. Absence of differences in the physical measures shows an inadaptation of the actual measuring devices. Causes of said disturbances have to be determined. It is important to retain a particular sensibility of the embryonic and prepubertary periods, marked by numerous mitotic crisis, and efficiency of tested protections.

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