How to suppress the harmful effects of CRT electromagnetic radiation on workers' health
J. Surbeck (1), Laverdure, A.M., M. Chalier and Tritto G.

(1) ICOH/CIST no S.2423 “A” - Research Director, S.E.I.C. sa, 3 rue du Léman, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland. e-mail: info@emf-bioshield.com. ISO 9001-2000 Qualified Laboratory for Research, Development, Production

Presented at the 10th Congress on Occupational Health Services, ICOH Scientific Committee on Health Services, Research and Evaluation in Occupational Health, Amsterdam, Pays Bas, 13-16 November 2002

Final Programme / Abstract Book


In living organisms such as algae, crustacea, insects, chick embryos, laboratory mammals, human adults and children, important disturbances in health, development and behaviour have been demonstrated after exposure to the pulsed electro-magnetic radiation (PEMR) emitted by cathodic ray tube screens (CRTs). In human adult testicles biopsies cultured in vitro, a significant increase in apoptosis of the germ cells and tissular disorganization has been observed. In workers, an increase in serological Ca++ concentration accompanied by a modification of the Na+/K+ ratio and increase of the urea urinary concentration has been recently demonstrated.

CRT users are exposed to a wide spectrum of radiation and our results show a tight cause for effect relation between the currently observed devices and CRT radiation. To suppress the harmful effects of CRT radiation, a 10-year research program has been elaborated. A protective counter-phase resonator device, EMF-Bioshield®, has been developed, made of oxide solutions of rare earth elements (Mendeleiev 58-71), enclosed in 2 plastic spheres to stick on the screen frame. All tests showed a cancellation of said biological harmful effects issued from CRT PEMR, and allowed to conduct selective tests on the biologically harmful consequences of global CRTs radiation vs. placebo controls.

All worldwide legislation induce a civil responsibility on the biological harmful effects caused by CRT screens PEMR. Major reinsurance companies did not miss this information, and recommended to all insurance companies to exclude such risks from their contracts. Are Medical Doctors or company directors left alone to face civil responsibilities?

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