Preliminary observations on human total DNA exposed to VDT radiation
M. Chalier (1), Laverdure, A.M., Tritto G., and J. Surbeck

(1) Medical Doctor, ICOH/CIST, A-Nox Laboratory, Paris, France

Presented at the 10th Congress on Occupational Health Services, ICOH Scientific Committee on Health Services, Research and Evaluation in Occupational Health, Amsterdam, Pays Bas, 13-16 November 2002

Final Programme / Abstract Book


Previous studies have demonstrated that VDT radiation induced nucleoprotein damages into cells exposed. To specify their molecular mechanism, we studied the VDT effects on human total DNA by FIGE. Human Female Umbilical DNA® (Sigma, 1g), embedded with agarose into Eppendorff (GeneAmp) was exposed to VDTs (50Hz alternating voltage of 220V, electric field 13V/M and magnetic fields 50 nT). 8 samples were exposed 24h at room temperature (20°C) in the dark. As control, 9 samples were left in the dark at 20°C. 8 samples were exposed in front of a VDT equipped with EMF-Bioshield®, an experimental protector. The agarose plugs were put on a gel electrophoresis to perform field inversion gel electrophoresis (FIGE). The Hoefer® PC 500 Switch Back Pulse™ Controlled was programmed for single phase runs (run 18 hours, reverse ratio 3/1, pulse time 0.1-0.7s, 6.5 volts/cm). Gels were photographed under UV exposure. Densitometric profiles were done using NIH Image I.62 Software. All the unexposed and exposed/protected DNA samples showed the same profile. In the case of all exposed DNA samples, there is a shift greater than 10Kb to lower molecular weight of the DNA smears.

These facts could be interpreted as:
1. The VDT radiation could break DNA, and
2. the experimental system EMF-Bioshield® tested is able to ensure a good preservation of the DNA exposed to the VDT radiation.

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