Modulation Technologies of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation
J. Surbeck*, A.M. Laverdure, M.O. North, V. Martin-Baumgartner, G. Tritto

* S.E.I.C. Research Director, CIST / ICOH no S.2423 “AA”
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Presented at the First International Seminar on Micro- and Nanotechnologies in Biomedicine

All electrical appliances generate PEMR (pulsed electro-magnetic radiation), but their negative effects on living matter decreases in function with the distance and the period of exposure. In 1982, Professor Delgado showed that the generators of electro-magnetic frequencies used in his laboratoy provoked biological effects on chick embryos.

One had to wait for the works of Prof. Litovitz, who created and developed laboratory apparatus able to reproduce frequencies and rythms, to begin to identify the “pulsions” of the PEMR susceptible to provoke alterations of living matter. But these works, and the apparatus, which were heavy, expensive and bulky, were confined only to laboratory research.

As shown by Dr. Anne-Marie Laverdure yesterday, by suppresing the “noxious biological effects” of the PEMR on living matter, the protection elements “EMF-Bioshield®”, which we have developed, allowed several researchers, biologists, doctors, occupational health doctors, etc, to selectively identify the original cause of health problems clinically and biologically established, and non-identifiable nor quantifiable today with standard measuring apparatus.

As a matter of fact, now the thermic effects are well-known and measured, the electro-magnetic intensities in volt-metres or in micro-tesla are perfectly “measurable”. However, when we expose sensitive biological models (such as biopsy cultures of human testicles) to two similar cathodic screens, one being “EMF-Bioshield®&-protected” and the other non-protected, and the measuring apparatus gives exactly the SAME indications: 13 V/M, 50 nT & 35ºC, it appears that the protected screen gives similar results as the non-exposed model: aptosis and necrosis of <5%, whereas the non-protected screen causes > 20% of aptosis and necrosis.

There is then a parameter that is experienced by the biological model but not measured, and non-measurable with existing measuring apparatus, which has to be identified, requiring the research and development of detection, quantification and qualification apparatus, for which the recourse to micro and nano-technology is rapidly becoming indispensable.

In fact, it would be suitable to replace it with an adequate apparatus: the “human DNA chip”, which we have developed and which allows to quantify (by differential analysis of the intensity and the number of breaks in human DNA in vitro exposed for 24 hours between the EMF-Bioshield®-protected sample, and the non protected one) the level of pollution caused by the pulsed electro-magnetic radiation, or “electrosmog”, to which everyone is exposed or submitted (often without their knowledge) in his or her workplace and/or home.

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