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Electromagnetic Fields

A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves

Dr. George Louis Carlo and Martin Schram

Cover of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves

If our everyday existence is impossible to imagine without electricity, then it is also impossible to imagine without electromagnetic fields. But recent legal judgments confirm what some environmental activists have long said: those ubiquitous fields can pose a serious challenge to our health, housing values, and community development plans. This eye-opening book -- the most comprehensive resource avaliable to consumers today -- explains why and where electromagnetic fields (EMFs) occur, which illnesses may have a strong connection to them, and how your doctor's knowledge may be limited.

In a frank, balanced, and accessible manner, science writer B. Blake Levitt sorts through the complex sociak and medical issues. From high tension lines to radio towers, consumer products to government regulations, she explores our ever-increasing electromagnetic environment and shows us what we can do to live more safely within it. This is essential reading for community planners and all those concerned with personal and family health and well-being.

Table of Contents

Part One
Electromagnetic Fields: A Complex Subject
Chapter 1: How can This Be?
  A Normal Twentieth-Century Day
  Serious Concerns
  The Global Environment
  EMFs and the Human Anatomy: The Cart Before the Horse
  A Typical Scenario: Polarized Politics
  The Dynamics of Denial
  The Military: How Did We Get There?
  The Business and Legal Climate
p. 3
Chapter 2: The Difficulty with Setting Standards
  A Case in Point: The History of ANSI C95.1
  Standards: Where We Are Today
  The Environmental protection Agency, the Federal Communications
     Commission, and the Food and Drug Administration
  The U.S. Congress: Toward Clearer Perspectives
p. 18
Chapter 3: Electromagnetics Made Simple... It's a Lot Like Baseball
  Atoms: The Fundamentals of Energy
  Energy and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  How to Read the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  Electromagnetic Fields: What They Are
  Electric Fields
  Electric Current
  Magnetic Fields
  Not All Fields Are Alike
  How Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Body
  Complexities of the Subject
  Those Confusing Measurements and Terms
  Comprehending the invisible: How Things Work
p. 39
Chapter 4: Nature's Electromagnetic Fields
  The Geomagnetic Envelope and the Magnetosphere
  Our Complex Electromagnetic Orb
  The Earth's Magnetic Grid, Geopathetic Stress, and the Dowsing Phenomenon
  By Land and by Sea: Nature's Electromagnetic Sixth Sense
p. 63
Chapter 5: Trees and Plants: The Things That Sustain Us All
  Electricity and Plants
  Plants, EMFs, and Some Alarming New Findings
  Electroagriculture in the Future
  Corona Effect, Tree Damage, and Deforestation
p. 80

Part Two
The Medical Issues
Chapter 6: What Your Doctor Doesn't Know, and Why
  What Primitive People Knew: Vitalism and the Beginnings of Western Medicine
  Ancient Texts and the Origins of Energy Medicine
  The Genesis of Western Medicine
  Scientific Medicine Emerges
  The Age of Science and Reason
  The Death of Vitalism, Understanding Electricity, and the Fragmentation of Medicine
  The Twentieth Century
p. 93
Chapter 7: The Body's Electrical System
  A Quick Overview
  Physical Mechanisms
  The Human Anatomy
  Circadian Biorythms
  Other Frequencies and How They Affects Us
  Central Control: The Pineal Gland and Melatonin
  Other Hormones and Neurotransmitters
  Stress Response
  A New Model: The Body's Own Direct Current
p. 110
Chapter 8: The Secret Electrical Life of Cells
  Cells and How They Grow
  Normal Cell Division and EMFs
  Calcium Ions
  A Lethal Triad
  Cells and Resonance
  Cancer: Abnormal Cell Division and EMFs
  Some Electrotherapeutic Approaches
  Magnetic Materials in Body Tissues
p. 135
Chapter 9: Pregnancy, Children, and Electromagnetic Fields
  Defining Some Terms: Heat and Pregnancy
  The Period of Organogenesis
  How Some Frequencies Affect Pregnancy
  Nonthermal Effects
  Additional Studies and Adverse Outcomes
  EMFs and Infertility
  Miscarriage Clusters and VDTS
  Diagnostic Tests
  Learning Disabilities
  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
p. 154
Chapter 10: Twentieth-Century Maladies
  Immune-System Disorders
  Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome
  Chronic fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
  Gulf War Syndrome, the Military and Electromagnetic Pulse
  Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis
  Alzheimer's Disease
p. 181

Part Three
Where the Exposures Are, How to Measure, How to Mitigate
Chapter 11: Getting a Handle on Our Altered Environment
  What have We Done?
  Prudent Avoidance?
  How to Measure Electromagnetic Fields
p. 221
Chapter 12: What's at Home?
  How Fields Can Cancel Out
  Domestic Wiring
  Elevated Magnetic Fields in the Home
  Other Wiring Sources of High residential Fields
  A Quick Note about Underground Wiring
  Electrical Appliances
  Stoves and Ovens
  Microwave Ovens
  Personal Appliances: hair Dryers, Electric Razors, Electric Blankets
  Fluorescent and Incandescent Lights and Light-Dimming Switches
  TVs and Computers
  Phones, Remote Controls, and Wireless Technologies
  Cordless Phones and Specific Absorption Rates
p. 241
Chapter 13: What's at Work?
  How to Arrange an Office
  Low-EMF Architecture
  Electrical Professions
  Radio-Frequency/Microwave Professions
  A Note about Radar
  Other RF/MW Professions
  Ham and CB Radios
  Medical Professions
  Electromagnetic Interference
p. 280
Chapter 14: Power Lines
  How the Electric-Utility System Works
  A Quick review of Some Terms
  High-Tension Lines
  The Electromagnetic Environment around High-Tension Lines
  How Close is Too Close?
  Magnetic Fields Near High-Tension Rights-of-Way
  High-Current Homes
  Wiring Configurations and Mitigation
p. 312
Chapter 15: The Blinking Horizon... Radio Towers and
Microwave Dishes

  How Radio and TV Transmission Works
  What Radio-Frequency Radiation Is
  Another Quick Review of Some Terms
  A Research Vacuum
  The Bioeffects of Radio Frequencies
  Typical RF Exposures
  How to Recognize Antennas in Our Midst
  Cellular-Phone Towers
  How Cellular Towers Work
  What a Community Can Do
p. 342
Conclusionp. 387
Selected Bibliography
p. 391
p. 419


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