Apoptosis in short-term biopsy cultures of human testis exposed to VDT-EMF radiation
Tritto G. (1), M. Chalier, Laverdure, A.M., and J. Surbeck

(1) *MD, Chairman in Surgical Andrology, Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, France
Faculty Professor in Microsurgery, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
President International Association of Sciences and Technologies in Andrology – IASTA
Personal e-mail: gtritto@magic.fr

27ème Congrès International de la Santé au Travail (ICOH 2003), Iguassu Falls, Brésil, 23-28 Février 2003, FP 39.10., p.139

Final Programme / Abstract Book

AIMS: At present, some noxious effects are described on workers exposed to a wide range of radiation emitted by the cathodic tube of their VDT's (Video Display Terminal) screen. Until now, the original cause was not identified, nor measured by the current measuring devices.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Various experiments and a 10 year research program, had been carried out in order to develop a protecting counter phase resonator device, made of oxides solutions of rare earth elements (Mendeliev 58-71) in 2 plastic spheres placed on the screen-frame and known as EMF-Bioshield®.

RESULTS: Similar results were obtained after measuring the VDT's radiations of screens equipped or not with EMF-Bioshield®: 13 V/M and 50 nT for both. A real difference appears in biopsies of human testicles in vitro cultured for 24hrs: in front of an unequipped or a placebo-equipped screen, an important increase of apoptosis ratio appeared. In vivo, a degradation of the urinary ionic and metabolic balance have been observed on 120 workers. In these two experiments, the presence of EMF-Bioshield® in all these tests insured a cancellation of said biological harmful effects. Analogous results have been previously observed in many experiments conducted on several biological animal and vegetal models.

CONCLUSION: In the literature, an increase of the number of spontaneous abortions, of the neuro-psychological perturbations in workers and also in surgeons using microchirurgical technics have been reported. The biological harmful effects of the VDT's screen pulsed electromagnetic radiation (PEMR) had been demonstrated and an efficiency protection of the workers elaborated. This protecting device allows to prove a cause for effect relation between the screen's radiation and the observed harm.
All measuring devices are unable to show any difference between the electromagnetic and electric fields values measured in front of equipped or unequipped screen. We can hypothesize that our norms are not in harmony with electromagnetic sensibility of the living structures and should be adapted to the biological models.
World-wide legislation induce a civil responsibility for the effects caused by VDT's screens PEMR, without being strictly and rigorously applied. Major re-insurance companies did not miss this information, and they recommend to their associated companies to exclude such risks from their contracts. Are Medical Doctors and Company's Director's left alone to face such civil responsibilities?

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