Behaviour, Physiological and Neuro-Physiological Disturbances Induced by the Cathodic Ray Tubes Screens (CRTs) Radiations in Workers and Children.
SURBECK, Jacques, NORTH, Marie-Odile, LAVERDURE, Anne-Marie, and TRITTO, Giuseppe

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Presented at the 2nd Conference of the Victorian Chapter of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Melbourne (Australia), 19-20 February 2001

Published in the Proceedings of The 2nd Conference of the Victorian of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - “Biomedical Research in 2001” - held at Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia, pp. 203-206


Cathodic Ray Tubes Screens equipping personal computers and televisions emit a large spectrum of radiations responsible of noxious effects previously studied in workers and children. With the aim of protecting the users, voluntary workers and children were exposed in front of a CRT equipped or not with the EMF-Bioshield® protecting device. Electric (13 V/M) and magnetic (50 nT) fields were identical with and without it. In workers, increase of tiredness, aggressivity and musculo-skeletal pains, a decrease of immunity and productive capacity were observed after 4 hrs of exposure. In prepurbetary children, neuropsychological disturbances appeared after 20 mins. No such disturbances appeared in front of the EMF-Bioshield® protected cathodic screen

These results confirm the biological negative actions of such radiations observed in all tested living beings, and their causes have to be determined. They show a particular sensibility of the prepubertary period, marked by numerous mitotic crisis, and efficiency of the tested protections.

Key words : Personal computer, EMF-Bioshield®, behaviour, nusculo-skeletal troubles, immunity.


The cathodic tubes equipping all TV and CRTs are the core technology that is responsible for emitting a large spectrum of electromagnetic radiations. Some of them, though undetectable by our actual measuring devices, are able to provoke some biological effects on all tested living organisms and have to be considered [1]. Before 1990, only a few number of papers related to some physiological actions of the CRTs total spectrum of radiations in living beings and humans were available. Among them, an inversion of the adrenalin excretion curves were first signaled in workers after four hours in front of a screen [2], a risk of miscarriage and birth defects [3], and a notable increase of spontaneous abortions in females [4]. Considering their worldwide proliferation, the biological actions of their radiations had been tested on workers and children exposed in front of a CRT and some physiological reactions were studied. An experimental apparatus has been developed, with the aim of interfering the CRT radiations effects and tested to evaluate its possible protective effect.


Adult workers were exposed at ± 2 diagonals in front of a current CRT screen equipped or not with the EMF-Bioshield® system or a placebo. After 4 hrs of exposure, hormonal titration, neuropsychological disturbances, health quality, lipo-proteinic electric charges were estimated, number of KT3, KT4 KT8 and KT20 (the blood cells responsible for immunity) was determined and their ratio calculated. To estimate the neurophysiological and musculo-squeletal disturbances, the "Amsat" system, developed under Pr. V. Joukovski's authority (Moscow Academy of Sciences) was used. This device is able to detect the electric variations appearing between electrodes placed on different areas of the body. Connected with a computer, it is able to measure the intensity and amplitude of eventual electric perturbations and to electronically treat the results. An other apparatus functionning under the same principle, the "Vega" system, developed by the Griesabert Academy GMBH (Germany), was used on young people. In 8-10 years old children, 20 mins of exposure were sufficient to show the perturbations. Some particularities : school performances, eventual aggressiveness and neuropsychological disturbances were also studied.

The EMF-Bioshield® device is constituted by 2 minispheres filled with rare earth oxides solutions and has been previously described [5]. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) of the CRTs, equipped or not by the tested device, were measured with a digital multimeter METEX 3800. In the two cases, the obtained values were 13 V/M and 50 nT at 30 cm. In all experiments, control values were obtained before switching on the CRTs. In workers and children, a supplementary cluster has been studied in front of a CRT screen equipped with a placebo.


In a group of 120 adult volunteers exposed for 4 hrs in front of a screen, a sharp increase in tiredness was observed in all the workers [6], accompanied by a 50% decrease in their immune system resistance capacity [7]. Recently, we used the "Amsat" system to study the intensity and amplitude of eventual electric perturbations. After transferring the results to the software, some irritations in the glandular and nervous systems accompanied by muscular pain in arms had been visualized. All these experiments are related to adult workers and the 4 hrs delay corresponds to a critical period. In a study realized by a medical doctor using the "Vega" system with his 8 year-old daughter, appearance of neuropsychological disturbances, was detected only after 20 mins exposure. It seems evident that prepubertary young people are particularly sensitive to the effect of the CRT radiations and that the critical period appears very reduced.

All these results demonstrate a harmful effect of the radiations emitted by a CRT on the users. There is scientific evidence that physical sources can interfere with workers and children [8, 9]. On this basis, it is possible to test materials designed for protecting the living organisms. An experimental apparatus, EMF-Bioshield® by A_Nox Technology has been tested in the same experimental conditions to evaluate its possible protective effect. In all our experimental cases, living organisms, adult workers and children, the same experiments performed again gave results analogous to those of the controls.


All these experiments clearly demonstrate the noxious action of the CRT radiations on living tissues and organisms. Our results are in agreement with those precedently described [2, 3, 10], in workers and children.

A sharp increase in tiredness has been observed in adult volunteers exposed for 4 hrs in front of a screen. This result agrees with a recent description, by a group of 79 french medical doctors of work, of a significant increase of neurophysio- and psychological disturbances in workers after 4 hrs in front of a screen [11]. An evident and easy to do kinesiological test has been described [10] showing the loss of the arm muscular strength in a subject exposed to the CRT radiations, accompanied by a decrease of the muscular Ca++ and a concomitant increase of the serological Ca++ as first suggested [12]. Note here that all these disturbances are suppressed in the presence of the EMF-Bioshield® device on the CRT screen.

A decrease in immune status capacity in workers has been demonstrated and this observation agrees with [13] who described the same phenomenous in mice exposed in front of a TV receptor.

In prepubertary children exposed more than 50 mins a day in front of a screen, a decrease of their school results (divided by three) and of their memorization and power of concentration capacities (divided by five), and a drastic increase of their restlessness and aggressiveness (multiplied by three) had been shown [14]. The neuropsychological perturbations here described in children have to be compared to an induction of epileptic seizures in photosensitive subjets by videogames, recently reviewed [15].

Though no measurable differences in the electric and magnetic fields between the equipped and non equipped screens with the tested device had been observed, all the above mentionned biological results show a total suppression of the noxious actions of the CRT radiations. The experimental tested system, EMF-Bioshield® (by A_Nox Technology, from S.E.I.C., ISO 9001 qualified for Research and Development), is able to insure a good preservation of the living organisms exposed to the CRT radiations. The lack of difference of the measured values between an EMF-Bioshield® equipped and a non-equipped screen suggest two hypothesis. Living materials are particularly sensitive to the electromagnetic fields intensity. In this case, an inadaptation of our measuring apparatus have to be improved. The other possibility concerns the EMF-Bioshield® device acting way. There is nothing to measure in the field intensity point of view, the protective device should change a noxious crude radiation spectrum in a compatible field with the cellular electromagnetic field.


The authors thank Prof. Bondarovskaia (Gorsystemotechnica, Kiev University, Ukrainia) and Dr. Petrovskaia (Molecular Laboratory and Genetics, Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukrainia) for their increase in tiredness and decrease in the immune system resistance capacity studies. This work was sponsored by S.E.I.C, 3 rue du L»man, CH-1201 GENEVE, Switzerland (e-mail : seic@pingnet.ch).


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