Biological Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted by a Cathodic Tube on Reproduction and Development

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Presented at the 2nd International Congress on Surgical Andrology & Sexual Surgery
Myconos, Greece, 14-16 June, 2002

Various living organisms and human workers and children were tested for any biological action resulting from exposure to radiation from Video Display Terminals (VDTs). VDTs were powered by a 50-Hz alternating voltage of 220 V. Measured electric and magnetic fields were 13V/M and 50nT, respectively. Living organisms were maintained under their normal breeding conditions and control values were obtained before switching on the VDT. Various effects related to the irradiation time were demonstrated, i.e. a growth delay in algae and Drosophila, a body weight deficiency in rats, abnormal peaks of mortality in Daphnia and Drosophila, teratological effects in chick embryos and developmental and behavioural disturbances in rats. The embryonic and neonatal periods showed a high sensibility to the VDT radiation.

In humans, after 4 hours of working in front of a VDT screen, an increase in tiredness and a decrease of the resistance of the immune system were observed. In prepubertal children, 20 min of exposure were sufficient to induce neuropsychological disturbances: prepubertal young people appear particularly sensitive to the effect of the radiation. In human testicular biopsies cultured in vitro for 24 h in front of a VDT screen, mitotic and meiotic disturbances, the appearance of degeneration in some aspects of the cells, and significant disorganization of the seminiferous tubules were demonstrated and related to modification of the metabolism of the sample. In humans exposed for 4 and 8 h in front of a VDT screen, a decrease of the Nk+/K+ ratio, and an increase of the urea concentration in urine had been observed, in agreement with the inversion of adrenalin eliminatory curve previously described.

In the literature, an increase in numbers of spontaneous abortions, of neuro-spychological perturbations in workers, and also in surgeons using microchirurgical techniques have been reported. In Europe, laws have been edicted without being strictly and rigorously applied.

An experimental apparatus has been developed and tested that aims to prevent harm from VDT radiation. Known commercially as the EMF-BioshieldĘ system, from S.E.I.C., it ensures an effective protection against the harmful biological effects of VDT radiation.

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